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Trucking Business Start-Up: Paper-work To Always Have In Your Truck

By November 15, 2021February 22nd, 2023Trucking Business Start-up, Trucking Insurance
Trucking Business Start-Up- Paper-work To Always Have In Your Truck - Truck Driver Parked and Working on Paperwork at the Wheel

Starting your own trucking business comes with filling out LOTS of paperwork. There are forms for registering your vehicle, forms for insurance, forms for DOT, forms for business licenses and taxes, forms for EVERYTHING. Many of the forms that you fill out will be sent to the requesting party and will never be needed again (although it’s good practice to keep a copy of all your forms.) Once you have filled out the forms, registered for what you have to register for, and paid the money you have to pay to get your business started, you will start receiving your official documents that validate what you have been working so hard for: you are now a business owner!

Most of the documents that you receive will need to be kept in your truck at all times. We highly recommend getting a 3-ring binder with plastic sheet inserts to keep them in. Now, when the Department of Transportation rolls up, you won’t be rummaging through a stack of loose papers trying to find your DOT Inspection Report and proof of insurance because it will be neatly categorized in your 3-ring binder that is always within arm’s reach. Here is a list of the documents that you will need in that binder and in your truck at all times.

  1. Registration
  2. Proof of Insurance (Certificate of Insurance and ID Card)
  3. DOT Inspection Report
  4. Registration for Trailer
  5. DPT Inspection for Trailer
  6. Lease/Rental Agreement for Trailer (if applicable)
  7. IFTA Fuel Tax License
  8. UCR Registration
  9. Sales Tax Exemption Form ( IRS Form ST-105)
  10. DOT ELD Reference Card
  11. ELD Malfunction Guide
  12. Paper Log Books (DOT requires 8 days’ worth of blank paper logs)

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